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  • PUMPKIN1:Gives you pumpkin hat.
  • FREEHOOD: Gives you the red and green hoodies.
  • Together
  • MMCODE11
  • MMCODE12
  • MMCODE13
  • Bigwhite
  • Shrimp64

Here are the free codes.

Know My From School?

Ever Know me from school? if you do comment. you will need emails…


P.S my real name startes with a D

Free Membership! – 3 month.

Hello, Silverace Z Is HERE!

I will be selling out free memberships and more. There will be a Page called “Free Membership” AND Each Month or maybe Years I Will Give It Out! And Each Time It Goes to new contest to win it.. it will be changing each contest. Example : Free Membership – Give me a good penguin names and give me the penguin to win. Thats just a Example. So The contest might be easy or maybe not… If you win the membership you can sell it or do it like me but DO NOT Give other peoples if they didnt win. The People That CANNOT join this contest is Firebender95. If Your his friend u will break up with him so do not ever be his friend. if u are u are .. firebender95 is gonna be mad at you so NEVER trust Firebender95.

~From Your CP Cheater Silveracez

CP Trainers And Games

Ever Wanted To Download A Trainer? Then Here You Can!

Below You Can Download.

Hope You Will Like It.

Penguin Ghost 1 Download :You can copy and paste this Trainer to your blog Creator is: Dipstick99
Penguin Impact 3 Download :You can copy and paste this Trainer to your blog Creator is: 412mark412



Firebender95 is now fired.

He is Mean To Me!


Club Penguin Underwater Party Funirture Catalogs Cheats 2012

Hey everyone, Silveracez here. Club Penguin released a new January 2012 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog. This month’s theme is underwater exploration (for the upcoming party). Here are the cheats!

Ancient Archway cheat – Click the lock on the Treasure Chest

Bamboo Torch cheat – Click the charcoal in the Barbecue

Those are the only new cheats.

Have a nice day!


Herbert Escaped

Hey everyone, Silveracez here. Herbert has escaped captivity from the EPF! There is no security alert either.

What could he be planning now?


Club Penguin Underwater Maze Cheats 2012

Here is the Underwater Maze Map with arrows drawn in to show the correct way to the end.

I Really Hope That Helps!


Fashion Show Party Is Coming!

Hey Its Silveracez,And Next Cp Party Is Fashion Show!

Members, get your looks ready for the first ever Fashion Show… and more!

  • Be a superstar! Dress in the latest looks and own the runway.
  • Express your creativity with your unique style!
  • Show off your puffle’s personality with their favorite hat.
  • Coming soon: Pirates needed to explore uncharted seas.

Have Fun When Fashion Show Starts!

~From Your CP Cheater Silveracez